Billing Machine

EMM With Micro SD card

EMM With Micro SD card

Our Handheld machines comes in two flavours.One with Large touch screen and other with small TFT and keypad.Same machine can be used for election as well as for billing or banking purposes.Externally we can attach biometric sensor or barcode scanner on request.We can customize the machine as per user requirement.

User Friendly:4.3” TFT touch-screen for user friendly operation.
Large Memory Space:Upto 8 GB
Fast data searching: Search any name in seconds.
On spot Slip Printing:Customized slip contains candidates name, sign with voters name, details, voting centre in regional language as well as in English.
Edit voter information:Add mobile number, detailed address, email-id, blood group, birth date, cast etc.
SMS & EMAIL:Send voter information to his mobile number & email id.
Update to server:Update edited data over the server automatically (through internet) as well as manually.
Scheduled SMS & EMAIL:Make a schedule to send periodic SMSes & Emails to predefined members.
Helpline LOG:Use this machine as a helpdesk.
Keeps log of all incoming calls and automatically update mobile numbers directly to the server.
Phone:Use this machine as a mobile phone to make and receive calls.
Tracking:Track your machine all the time on Google Maps.

Technical specifications:

EMM 2.2 with 30 keys

With 2″ TFT and Keypad

32 bit Arm Processor
Automatic & intelligent power shutdown for extended operation
Cutter for easy tearing of receipt
4.3” TFT touch screen / 2″ TFT
RS232/USB port for PC connectivity.
Thermal Printer (Fujitsu / APS ) 2” Inch
Roll size to print at least 400 tickets per roll. Fast speed
Graphics/Multilingual support /logo printing (All regional language print)
Communication Modules:GSM / GPRS, Quad Band, Internal antennae
Battery:Minimum of 300/500 recharge life-cycle for battery cells.
More than 10-12 hours of operation with single full charge.
Integrated Tracking with Internal Antennae
Covert tracking of location
Online Connectivity with Server