EMM 4.3


User Friendly:
4.3” TFT touch-screen for user friendly operation.
Large Memory Space:
Assembly (VIDHAN SABHA) data can be stored in single machine.
Fast data searching: Search any name in seconds.
On spot Slip Printing:Customized slip contains candidates name, sign with voters name, details, voting centre in regional language as well as in English.
Edit voter information:Add mobile number, detailed address, email-id, blood group, birth date, cast etc.
SMS & EMAIL:Send voter information to his mobile number & email id.
Update to server:Update edited data over the server automatically (through internet) as well as manually.
Scheduled SMS & EMAIL:Make a schedule to send periodic SMSes & Emails to predefined members.
Helpline LOG:Use this machine as a helpdesk.
Keeps log of all incoming calls and automatically update mobile numbers directly to the server.
Phone:Use this machine as a mobile phone to make and receive calls.
Tracking:Track your machine all the time on Google Maps.

Technical specifications:

Automatic & intelligent power shut-down for extended operation
Cutter for easy tearing of receipt
4.3” TFT touch screen
2” Thermal printer 32 column
Graphics/Multilingual support /logo printing (All regional language print)
Communication Modules:GSM / GPRS, Quad Band, Internal antennae
Integrated Tracking with Internal Antennae
Covert tracking of location
Online Connectivity with Server
Calling Facility
Audio: 3.5mm Audio-mic Jack, buzzer
Micro-SD card interface: Memory 4GB
High Speed data searching
USB connectivity with PC
Interface / Connector: USB (mini) & RS232
Power Adaptor:AC charging adaptor.
(Input AC-100-300v, 50/60 Hz DC output 9.5 V, 1A with over voltage, short circuit protection)
Battery:Li-Ion 7.4V with short Circuit protection (2200 mAh)
Enclosure: ABS
Operating Temperature -5° C to +55°C
Humidity 95% RH non condensing